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Prologue – Those Lined Up Before the Horizon

Everyone currently on the decks of all the ships could hear the cacophony.

Gunshots, the clashing of swords, and the sound of metal and destruction reached them from the central-trailing ship – Okutama.

“They’re moving through ‘Remorse Way’, heading to the bow!”

The din continued to move, and from the point of view of the watchmen, who kept watch for danger from every ship, the source of the sound was traveling from the starboard of Okutama to the second starboard ship – Tama.

Because of this, the residents of the deck on the port-side heaved a sigh of relief and started to prepare for the afternoon’s work, and the residents of the third starboard ship – Takao gave three cheers from the front edge of the deck, where they could be seen by the people of the second starboard ship – Tama.

Seeing this, Tama’s residents were firing curse Abilities and attack Abilities, attempting to hit the people shouting ‘Banzai!’ on Takao.

“We’re screwed!”

With these simple thoughts in mind, the shopkeepers boarded up the entrances to their stores, closing the shutters in an effort to protect the shops. Depending on the shop in question, there were some protective barriers that had been erected using Ability.

Though all this was going on, a section of the shopping district remained open.

“Well, this happens all the time…I’m just praying that they don’t go down this route. If they do though, I’m going to have a breakdown.”

“Well, we played around like this too. In fact, so did the generation before us. If this continues to happen, it’ll be Musasi’s prided tradition!”

Thinking this, the shopowners gathered. They hid their invoices away in the darkest corner of the deepest counter, dealing with the coming problems by running away.

Having done this, they started to gamble. They were betting on the winner of the day’s lesson.

“…Even so, that teacher is apocalyptically strong in athletics. She’s a tester for IZUMO, isn’t she?”

“Jud, and also, they’re without a vice-chancellor of the chancellor’s board, so they’re missing a spearhead to their attacks.”

“Putting that aside, think about how all the all-on-one’sve gone. They haven’t been able to hit her. Not even once. Well…they almost got her last round…that was just a shame.”

‘Mmmm,’ the shopkeepers mumbled. As the source of the tumult continued its approach from Okutama, each of them wrote their choice on a piece of note paper and handed it to the bookkeeper.

Many gatherings of that kind had sprung to life within the town.

But in the centre of the town, a store stayed open, utterly still in this bustle of activity.

A cafe on the second starboard ship, tucked into an alley near the centre-point of Tama’s surface.

Two signs were set up in front of the bakery. One with the words ‘shopkeeper making a delivery’, and the other with the words ‘open for business’.

Another sign hung above the door. A sign painted with the name, ‘Blue Thunder’.

There were no customers in the shop, but a silhouette stood behind the counter. This silhouette faced the street, her gaze forming a perpendicular angle with the lines of the road.

It was a white-haired female doll, just about the size of a human. Her model had skin that was principally constructed of biological parts, all synthesised from the same constituents as human flesh. The majority of her joints were encased in black elastic composites.

Occasionally, her two shoulders and chest would rise and fall as she breathed.

She was a doll that moved autonomously, an automaton.

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