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Prologue – Those Lined Up Before the Horizon

Hearing Toori’s sudden declaration of his confession, everyone had the same reaction. They all dropped their head forward in the same way.


However, that reaction immediately turned into, “Ah”, a voice tinged with comprehension.

A wavy-haired girl stood up from within the crowd and frowned. She, Kimi, ran her fingers through her mussed hair before staring at Toori, her head tilted to the side.

“Ufufu~, idiot brother, suddenly appearing, fondling breasts, and then declaring your confession without any sort of explanation aren’t the lines of a human who goes around carrying packages of erotic games. If the person you’re going to confess to is on the other side of the screen, you should stick your dick inside with their consent and die from shock! Wonderful! Please explain what’s going on to your intelligent sister!”

“Hey, hey, sis, what’s this ‘it’s fine by yourself’ atmosphere you’re soaking up. You know something? I’m confessing tomorrow, so I bought this as my graduation from erotic games, alright? Do you not understand my honestly lively manner!?”

“Ufufu~, that’s a good feeling for a failure as a human, idiot brother, excellent! But if you get rejected tomorrow, what are you going to do?”

“Mmm, in that case, first, I guess I’ll complete all the character routes using my real name, crying all the while.”

“That’s not what you’re supposed to do, is it?” everyone said, but Kimi sighed. Her shoulders sagged.

“Then idiot brother, let’s practice your confession, with your intelligent sister as the confessee. Spit it out, who is she!”

“Idiot, you should know this, right? Didn’t everyone just say, ‘Isn’t it her?'”

Toori moved his gaze from his sister to roam across the others.

Looking at all of their faces, his gaze met with each of theirs, one by one. After he crossed gazes with the last of them, he said this.

“…It’s Horizon.”

A person’s name. Yet…

“That’s stupid.”

Sagging her shoulders, Kimi spoke. She moved her gaze away from Toori.

“She died ten years ago. In ‘Remorse Way’, which you hate so much…Didn’t father make the gravestone?”

“I know. It’s just that, I’m not gonna run away from that anymore.”

Still smiling, Toori spoke, saying “You know what?”

He passed his gaze once over all of them before prefacing further, saying “Alright?”

“After I confess, I’ll definitely cause all of you trouble. That’s because I can’t do anything. In any case, I’ll take the blame for everything I try to do after that, or rather…”

A breath.

“It’ll be just like declaring war on the whole world, no matter how I think about it.”

Nobody interrupted the words he uttered with any questions or objections. Everyone just looked at Toori, their expressions firm.

Toori spoke to them.

“Tomorrow is the tenth year after Horizon died. You guys probably don’t remember.”


“Tomorrow, I’ll go to confess. She’s probably different, but in this one year, I thought about it a lot, and I know that I love her differently, so…I won’t run anymore.”

“Then idiot brother, today’s the day for us to prepare a lot of things. And also…today’s our last normal day?”

“That’s right”, Toori said with a smile.

“Relax, sis. I can’t do anything, but…I won’t forget to aim high.”

At that moment. A hand tapped his shoulder from behind.


The area behind Toori, which he had just turned to face.

Oriotorai was standing there, a very still expression in her eyes. She was lightly tapping her right foot.

Yet, uncaring about the movements of her fist, Toori gave her a thumbs up.

“Sensei! Did you hear what I just said!? My embarrassing story!”

“Mm? When humans reach the peak of anger, the noises around them become inaudible. What do you think about that?”

“Hey, hey, Sensei, you should seriously listen to what your students are saying. It’s kinda pitiful, so I’ll say it one more time.”

“Alright?”, Toori prefaced again, saying this to Oriotorai with a serious face.

“…When the uneventful today ends, and tomorrow becomes today, I’m going to confess. Please remember, all right?”

“Alright, you’ve gotten the death flag–!”

The next instant. Oriotorai opened a hole in the office’s wall with a spin kick.

Because it was something created by Toori’s impact, as he had been blown away spinning by the kick, it appeared to be the character ‘大’.

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