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Prologue – Those Lined Up Before the Horizon

The boy whose name they had called, Toori, ate an entire bun by stuffing it into his mouth.

“–Mmm, yeah, that’s me, that’s me…Wait, what? Everyone I, Aoi Toori, am right here, y’know?”

The smile on his face unwavering, he walked up in front of everyone, ignoring the fallen devil.

“But hey, guys, this’s a coincidence isn’t it? Could it be that everyone lined up too!?”

He said, holding up one of the paper bags and showing it off. Seeing it, Oriotorai tilted her head to the side.

She twisted behind Toori in the space of a heartbeat, the longsword hefted onto her shoulder.

“…Then, you, could you give a short version of what you skipped class to line up for? Please tell me.”

“Ehh? You’re actually interested in what I got!? I’m done for!”

Toori took out a box covered with pictures from inside the paper bag. He showed the art on the packaging to Oriotorai over his shoulder.

“Can you see it, Sensei! This is the R-rated eroge “Nuruhachi!!” that came on sale today. It seems that this is a super tearjerker, and I was lining up for the first-press limited edition since the morning. Once I get back home today, I’m going to install this on my PC and do ero stuff while spilling an ocean of tears! Tenzou, you want this too, don’t you!?…Huh? Where’s Tenzou? His old man was going for the special editions offered by different shops and ninja’d to the other stores. Maybe he went too? What do you think, Miss?”

Instead of responding, Oriotorai, eyes half-closed, silently placed her hand on Toori’s shoulder.

In response, Toori crooked his neck to the side and turned to face Oriotorai with a smile.

“Huh? Sensei, what’s wrong? That’s one hell of a face you’re making. Was there something that happened which you don’t like?…Ahh, I get it, Sensei was lectured in a reprimanding manner by the President or the King for eating with a force as if getting married with the beef without even talking to anyone when we went to the barbecue shop at the end of the spring holiday, right? You can’t do that, Sensei. Flipping fried things with your chopsticks and shoving them directly into your mouth isn’t what karuta’s about. At least add some salt. Also, don’t eat such a mountain of cake for dessert, try vegetables once in a while.”

Everyone reared back, preparing to evade the coming mayhem. Standing in front of them, Oriotorai spoke.

“…Hey, do you know what I want to say right now?”

“Mmm? What’re you saying, Sensei! Sensei and I are people who know each other so well that we know what each other are thinking, right!? What Sensei wants to say is clearly passed on to me, you know!?”

“Aah, that’s not true at all. I mean, if you were connected with me you’d have to commit suicide right now.”

“Ehh!? What!? You weren’t going to let me fondle your boobs!?”

Toori frowned and opened his mouth. Oriotorai looked at him from below with upturned eyes.

“That’s dirty! Adults are dirty…! This female teacher acted like she was going to let me fondle her breasts and tried to kill me…!”

“…Hey, you, can’t see something kinda strange? You all right? Are those eyes seeing anything?”

“Yep, right now, it’s this!”

With that, Toori pressed in and lifted up Oriotorai’s breasts from the bottom left and right with both sets of five fingers on his two hands.

As everyone’s mouths froze while saying “Ah,” Heidi tilted her head.

“Huh?…Does this mean that an attack hit…”

Yet, Toori, who didn’t know the rules, frowned while kneading Oriotorai’s breasts.

“Huh, I thought it’d be a lot more firm though…Strange, that’s seriously strange…My plans to be horrified at the amount of bone and muscle in here are…”

“Well, whatever”, Toori brought his hands away.

Ignoring Oriotorai, whose mouth was twisted at the edges and whose fists were clenched so hard that her knuckles creaked, he looked towards everyone.

“Um, everyone, let me ask a little question. I think that I talked about this a little beforehand, but…”

After a breath, he uttered these words.

“I think I’m going to confess tomorrow.”

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