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Prologue – Those Lined Up Before the Horizon

“Musashi” continued to speak.

Where in the Testament was the end of the world foretold?

“As it is synchronised with fate, the Testament automatically renews itself for the next 100 years, allowing the future to be read. 100 years ago, it stopped renewing itself and the history of the next year and the years onward were not recorded.

The last description was of the Westphalia Conference, and the history from then onwards has not been recorded…As such, the masses have acknowledged the conference that takes place on the October 24th of this year as the ‘oblivion due to the Apocalypse’ and it is being questioned if the world is drawing to an end as the year draws to a close.

‘Yeah’, Sakai said again. He looked at the smoke streaming from atop Shinagawa.

“Because of this, the countries are conducting a serious search as to why fate will stop this year, but they’ve been unable to formulate a conclusion or countermeasure…P.A. ODA is the only country to display its national plan to resolve the Apocalypse as the ‘Genesis Project’, recruiting people for its cause.

Well, the ‘Genesis Project’ just seems like a false front, like they’re just going to make up the plan as they go.”

“Even so, since we seem to be in the middle of it, everyone’s glaring at us,” Sakai said to himself.

“Jud.,” Musashi responded. She also looked at the smoke streaming up above Shinagawa.

“Currently, the world appears to be moving along without a hint of stopping, but it is certain that the Testament, which is synchronised with fate, has stopped and Phenomena are occurring more frequently everywhere in the world. Asama-sama of the currently rampaging Third Year Plum Class has formed a high-rank contract with the shrine this year, but monsters of the aerial and mobility types that require a high-rank marksmanship blessing rarely appeared, even ten years ago.

In the same way, the recent outbreak of night wanderings and frequent cases of people being spirited away are attributed to disturbances in the earth pulse, but as the earth pulse are circuits of Fluid, which govern the entropy of the world and the state of flux of everything in it, they are linked with fate. According to one theory, fate will eventually disappear, so the balance of the earth pulse will be destroyed. –Over.”

“In short, various signs that point to fate ending have appeared?”

‘Jud.’ “Musashi” said before suddenly turning her back to him.

Sakai turned towards “Musashi”, but she had already started walking towards the bridge.

“Bits of information concerning the Phenomena are coming from everywhere.”

She said.

“One moment, the nobles of the other countries have been suddenly spirited away, and the next, a resident of a village somewhere else suddenly disappears. The prophets of the Hexagon Francaise have tried to peer beyond fate, and they seem to have collectively lost their souls.

In the New Continent, even the past is disappearing from the wall-paintings of the natives of the New Continent. –Over.”

“…Things’re lively, aren’t they?”

“Jud., the variety is currently increasing. Furthermore, they are tending towards becoming bigger and bigger. The frequency is increasing as well. It is almost as if the Phenomena are being forced out, by an unknown force, which travels towards fate, which has been interrupted.

“I see. You really know a lot of about this, Musashi-san. Is it a hobby? A mania? Could you be an otaku about this?”

“If I am to answer, I would say that it is a pastime. –Over.”

“Musashi” faced this way and nodded slightly.

In the distance, the sound of explosions resounded once again.

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