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Prologue – Those Lined Up Before the Horizon


Everyone chased Oriotorai as she ran ahead of them; they sprinted along the airborne corridor of thick rope that traveled towards Shinagawa.

The thick rope consisted of intertwined oil and water pipes, all of which were made of a pliable material. It was around one meter thick. Because a gravity floor about three meters in width had been created on top, an invisible path existed above the rope.

They were used to running atop the gravity corridor, which crossed below the the rope. They had to be, because the road was invisible, and the slant of the rope and incline of the outside world did not always remain definite.

Still, everyone went onward. They ran, their motion shaking the white string that had been added to mark the edges of the corridor.

“Margot! Let’s go!”

“Yes, yes, it’s dangerous to hurry like that you know!”

The two winged girls went ahead, their voices spilling out from the corridor. It was Naruze, who had six black wings, and Knight, who had six golden wings. They held each other’s hands.


Simultaneously, the two of them threw their bodies off of the thick rope.

They fell.

However, in the midst of their rapid descent, which spanned tens of meters, black and gold flowers bloomed. Their two wings had opened. They used their falling motion and the accumulated air within their wings to spread them wide. The two of them gave each other high fives, using both of their hands.

“Let’s go…black and white Magi Gunners, the ensemble of fallen and fallen angel!”

Continuing to embrace each other, they flew in this manner.

With a downward motion, the wings on their back ejected the compressed air behind them.

Created as a result was a method of flying even fiercer than the wing beats of a bird. A method comparable to jumping in mid air. With one flap, they ascended thirty meters.


Because their two sets of six wings continued to flap further, the two of them exceeded the altitude of the thick rope in an instant. They turned to face the direction directly above Oriotorai. Flapping their wings by swinging their bodies, they braked in midair, sending the wind screaming.

As they twirled, the two winged girls displayed their special weapons, which were held in both hands.

The golden-winged Knight was holding a black Magi Figur modelled after a speedometer. It was roughly 50 centimetres long.

The black-winged Naruze was holding a white Magi Figur with a dragonfly-frame, the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

Faced with the Ability-frames the two had opened, Oriotorai, who was running below them, shouted in surprise.

“The Ability-focus bunch caught up? Naruze and Knight have made their appearance with the time everyone has bought, then.”

“That’s right. We’re in the middle of a lesson, so we won’t use Schwarzfräulein or Weissfräulein.”

Using her finger, Naruze drew an arrow of light in the centre of the dragonfly-frame. As she piled up silver coins that she had taken out of her wallet atop the frame, Shirojiro and the others had met up with everyone and started to strengthen their Abilities.

“Shirojiro, who has a high-rank contract with a god of merchants, has finally caught up.”

Naruze muttered. Knight piled the copper coins she had taken out of her wallet on top of her speedometer Magi Figur.

“Shiro’ll be able to use the god of merchant’s Ability intercession to perform ‘market segmentation’ on the charms and techniques that other people hold. Duration and effect are also segmented, so it can’t be used other than at the last spurt, but now should be fine…”

The instant Knight reached that point, a large silhouette suddenly passed behind the two.


Not only the two of them, everyone below them looked up at the sky.

Multiple colossal figures were there in the blue expanse.

Winged giants with rifles in their hands. Four wings in a cruciate style attached to their backs and their skin of white steel wrapped with crimson armoured clothing, they were flying.

“A number of Testament Union, Tres Espana’s aerial-use Gods of War. Did they come to warn us because we were causing trouble!?”

Gods of war. The total height of these winged giants was about ten meters. Three of these gigantic figures were flying in the sky by the starboard.

One of the gods of war approached Knight and Naruze before switching to a path that brought him further away. It was the same machine that had flown behind the flying girls before distancing himself.

The tails of its armoured clothing fluttering, the god of war getting further and further away met up with its comrades. Once it did, it set its wings aflutter and accelerated.

Wind sprung forth. With a force that was many times that of the wind the two winged girls had created, he flew through the air.


Rifles still at the ready, the three white and crimson constructs flipped upwards. Their flight path brought them to look downwards.

Naruze looked up to the sky and clicked her tongue.

“Aerial-use models that don’t have feet. Just like the battle-hungry Tres Espana. Even though we don’t even think about trying to leave Musashi, they’re showing us how much their fingers’re itching for the trigger…it’s the worst. I wonder if I’ll do some research on the pilots and have them star in our school’s Manga Research Club’s homo-manga. Tres Espana’ll always be the receiver…!”

“Then, who from our class should be the pitcher side? …But well, being technohexen and of an irregular race like you and Nai-chan, going outside is more troublesome. Nai-chan thinks that they’re also doing their work.

Masa-yan said it was pretty terrible. These gods of war are also one of models of Tres’ brand ‘San Mercado’, but their techniques are too naive, so the Drive threads are of K.P.A. Italia make. All they have is their pride, so they’re stuck guarding most of Musashi’s circuit of the eastern countries. Tres Espana are going bankrupt.”

“‘San Mercado’…A lot of their parts are really aggressive and primitive, like they’re trying to be reconquistadors or something. That’s why they’re in this situation. It’s being said that K.P.A. Italia’s Pope-Chancellor was going to come all the way here to have Mikawa make a new Logismoi Oplo. Things must be heating up at the border between Mikawa and P.A. ODA, since Mikawa has a connection with them, who’ve half-ceded from the Testament Union. ”

“Logismoi Oploi?” Knight muttered softly. Seeing her look downwards, Naruze said this.

“It’s a type of Divine Armament. They’re city-destruction class personal-armaments. There are eight armaments that take the records of the seven deadly sins as their motifs. The wielders are called ‘The Eight Dragon Kings’ in the shadows. Ten years ago, when Mikawa made a formal alliance with P.A. Oda, they were distributed amongst the countries affiliated with the Testament, other than P.A. ODA, so they could show that they had no intention of rebelling against the Testament Union.

“…I wonder what the real situation is. The raw materials for the construction of the Logismoi Oplo are, like the rumours say, probably a human’s–”

The moment Naruze spoke this. A voice rang out from below them.

Far below the thick rope, a person in work clothes was leaning out from an emergency exit near the bottom of Shinagawa and shouting.

It was a white-haired old man, and he was using a rolled-up manual as a megahorn.

“Hey…! Don’t make so much noise and hurt the ship…!”

“Gacchan, Taizou-chan from engineering is being simply unreasonable.”

“Your tendency to just give up is simply splendid, Knight. You couldn’t care less about the threats from the higher up.”

‘That’s because…’, Knight sucked in a breath before moving the needle of the black speedometer-model Magi Figur. She looked at Naruze over it, a smile on her face.

“…That’s because this is a lesson.”

‘I see’, Naruze’s face broke into a smile. The two readied their special weapons, the Magi Figur, pointing them towards Oriotorai, who was running below them.


They fired the effects of their Ability.

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