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Prologue – Those Lined Up Before the Horizon

The trailing group was already moving before Tenzou’s voice could reach them.

This was at the time when Noriki had dashed in towards Oriotorai. Keeping behind Noriki, a single girl was moving. An artificial eye inserted into her left eye socket, the girl with long, black hair to whom the nametag “Asama Tomo” was attached brought up a bow she had drawn from her back while keeping her body running in a low position.

The bow “Kataume”, Shirasagi brand’s emblem engraved upon it, sprung open in an instant from its thrice-folded state. Its nock tuned itself automatically. But, even while it had not finished, Neshinbara’s voice flew from within the group she was in.

“Persona-kun! Give her her footing!”

A large man at the back of the group responded to his instructions. His upper body was naked and the man’s head was covered by a full-face western helmet. He was already carrying a girl whose eyes were covered on his left shoulder.

However, he swung his right arm forward and increased his speed.


Coming up next to Asama, whose bow was readied, his right arm stretched towards her.

Following the same exact timing, Asama nodded to Persona-kun once. Bringing her feet onto his arm, she flipped her body, jumping to his shoulder. She smiled at the girl who was lowering her eyes as she sat on the left shoulder across from Asama.

“Um, Suzu-san, I’ll be over here.”

Saying that and dropping her hip, she secured her footing. The girl, Asama, spoke, her green eye narrowing.

“Earth Pulse:Link…!”

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