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Prologue – Those Lined Up Before the Horizon

Ulquiaga, flying in towards the area above Oriotorai’s head, was in the middle of a movement that spanned but an instant.

I am a flying half-dragon. I can accelerate and fly for short periods because of my wings. Therefore, after Tenzou jumped in, I kept my body low and flew to the roof of the adjacent houses from behind the others. From there, I jumped to the roof above the tall walls in one motion.

My attack is a power dive from outside Oriotorai’s field of vision.

My weapons are my own two hands. My half-dragon arms are wrapped in scales and shell. Purely because of this, they can be used as striking weapons. Though there are several pieces of equipment attached to my waist, I will not use them.

Bringing her longsword down, Oriotorai spoke in a vernacular that could be processed at high speed.

“You’re not gonna use the things on your waist!?”

“The Inquisition starter kit isn’t meant to be wielded against those who aren’t heretics of the Tsirch Church!!”

Ulquiaga’s family descends from a line of Tres Espana inquisitors. They had been well established locally, but they were no longer able to support themselves because of over-hunting . Also, the history recreation of the Protestant Reformation had started in his grandparents’ generation, so they closed shop and came to Musashi. Now, his parents were making and selling bedclothes in Oume’s third underground floor. Custom-made beds had become part of his family’s repertoire, and had become popular amongst a portion of people. The type of people who would say: “The restraints should be tight.”

Therefore, Ulquiaga also thought that he wanted to perform the job that passed his ancestors’ techniques down until now, like his parents. He chose to take Catholic Inquisition classes in the afternoon.

Because of this, he always kept equipment suited for that purpose on his person. Those were tools for interrogation, for fighting with people who gazed with hostility upon the Inquisition.

They were weapons with which he performed his duties.

However, this was not the time to use these particular tools.

This was because heretics and people of different faiths were different. Heretics were people who were of the Tsirch Church,was synonymous to the Catholics.

…However, they twisted the teachings of the Tsirch Church and spread them. In other words, people who could not be saved.

On the contrary, people of different faiths were people who were not of the Tsirch Church but were of another Church, but because of that…

…They were people who could probably be saved were they to know the true teachings.

Oriotorai, being a resident of Musashi, had a western name. However, other than her eyes being blue, her appearance and way of life was as a person of Musashi. Her religion was Shinto, so she comes under the category of ‘people of different faith’. Therefore,

“I cannot punch a Musician of Shinto as an Inquisitor! As such, I shall deal you a personal strike!”

“That’s impossible!”

Those words came.


Hearing this line, a question danced through Ulquiaga’s mind.

Oriotorai is swinging her sword right now. Her right hand already passed by under me, caught up in a one-handed strike.

It was close. The timing to strike is to drift downwards, right behind the passage of her sword. I am of a winged race, so I’m able to do this because I applied slight adjustments to my flight path, which I am capable of.

In response, Oriotorai can no longer take any movements to stop the movements of her sword. Because she’s flowing from that one strike into jumping backward, she’ll destroy her balance if she performs any other movements.

Therefore, Oriotorai’s attacks will no longer hit me.

Despite this, an attack found its mark.


Ulquiaga, looking down at Oriotorai, took a strike to his outstretched dragon face.


Losing control of his airborne position, he was blown away.

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