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  • Ability : Performing miracles in space-continuum by processing Fluid.
  • Academy : School facility. Core section of practical politics and military. A great number of branch schools exist.
  • Allowance of Contradiction : The basic ability of this world. In other words, it fulfills the simultaneous existence of physical laws.
  • ATELL : Smallest unit of Fluid. Used in Ability.


  • Bless : The Fluid needed for a human being to exist for one hour. 3600 ATELL. Conversion unit for ATELL expenditure in Ability.


  • Catholics (Old Faith) : Mainstream Tsirch which has existed since olden days.
  • Chancellor’s Board : An organization which places the Chancellor at the head, carries out field operations as well as command of security in every Academy.
  • Church : Organizations who believe in God(s) or the Testament. Groups.


  • Deadly Sin Armament : Large-Scale Destruction Armament made using the deadly sins of humanity as a motif.
  • Divine Armament : Different from regular armaments, armaments which hold a unique power.
  • Divine States : Former name of the Far East.


  • Earth Pulse : Interior of the channels in which Fluid, which makes up space, flows; they are thick.
  • Earth Pulse Reactor : Reactor which extracts and purifies Fluid from Earth Pulses. Easily causes an anomaly in the Earth Pulse, and if it explodes, it will annihilate and destabilize several kilometers of its surroundings, so it is forbidden in the Tsirchian Church.
  • EDEL Brocken (Overlooking Magic Mountain) : Magic brand. Location of headquarters is unclear.
  • Emperor : Divine Being, carries out Earth Pulse control with Divine Tools in the imperial city. Unrelated with this world.
  • Apocalypse : The end of this world. 1648, when the Testament’s history description cut off.
  • England : England. Is on a floating island. They do not control any important Daimyo or territory of the Far East.
  • Executive Tool (Mouse) : Sacred Creature-type devices which act as an intermediary for the Shinto Church and Musicians. In other churches, it is also called Executive Assistant.
  • External-fuel Bless : Bless which is stored outside of oneself. Fluid Fuel is classified as this.


  • Far East : After the disruption of the Harmonic Territories, the Divine States was called this.
  • Fan Gang : Qing’s Brand. Durable, but rather rough.
  • Fino Alba (Star of Mechanical Devices): K.P.A. Italia’s Brand. Power springs are its sales.
  • Fluid : Allowance of Contradiction-type element which makes up space.
  • Fluid Drive Tools : Drive Tool which uses Fluid’s power, Space-Continuum Warp. The effect changes dependent upon the internal crest.
  • Fluid Fuel : Fluid purified as fuel. Used as external-fuel Bless or by Fluid Drive Tools.
  • Fluid Reactor : Reactor which extracts and purifies Fluid from space. Compared to Earth Pulse Reactors, the output is low, but it is comparatively safe.


  • God of War : Fused with a human, a gargantuan moving humanoid machine.
  • Graduation : Countries other than the Far East do not have a time limit. The Far East is restricted to graduation at 18.


  • Harmonic Territories : Places in the Divine States where the Harmonic Divine State had fallen upon and unify with while breaking apart.
  • Harmonic Unification War : The war between Harmonic World residents who had survived and the Real World (Divine States) citizens, when the Harmonic World collapsed. The Harmonic World side won, and the Divine States came under provisional rule.
  • Harmonic World : Different dimension in which the copies of the Divine States(Harmonic Divine State) had been placed. Sustained by Earth Pulse control.
  • Hexagon Française : | Mouri clan + France.
  • History Recreation : People recreate the Testament’s description, keeping the flow of the world.
  • Holy Technique : Tsirch-type Ability. The Catholics channels power from the Testament and things saint-related; the Protestants channels power from only the Testament.


  • Inheritance of Names : Those who are eligible inherit the names of people in history for the sake of History Recreation.
  • Internal-fuel Bless : Bless which is accumulated within oneself.
  • Izumo Industries (IZUMO) : The Far East’s largest industrial corporation. Head of the Far East’s shrines and the business that was in charge of Musashi’s construction.


  • Jud. (Judge, Judgement) : Used by the guilty as a response or confirmation, with the meaning of “Understood”.



  • Magic : Civilians’ Ability, which is highly oppressed in Europe.
  • M.H.R.R : Hashiba Family + Holy Roman Empire.
  • Mikawa : Located between India and the Middle East. Because it had been formed as the controller of the Far East, it acts as a residential area for the Far East, and the Testament Union has acknowledged its high autocracy, but because of the Testament’s description, it allied with P.A. ODA, and because P.A. ODA had half-ceded from the Testament Union, it became a neutral country; to both the Testament Union and P.A., it is in a half locked-country status.
  • Murasai : Worships the Testament differently from Tsirch, a late faith.
  • Musashi : Aerial City Ship. The only independent territory allowed by the Far East.
  • Musashi Ariadust Academy : The school representing Musashi; in Okutama.
  • Musician : The believers of every church.


  • Offering : Dedicating internal-fuel Bless or that which makes a God rejoice to a God. Religious offering.


  • P.A. ODA : Oda family + Ottoman.
  • Protestant (Reformed Faith) – Schism because of the decay of the old faith, the new-wave Tsirch which matches the times.
  • Provisional Council : In regards to Musashi, organization of adults whom are colleagues of the Student Council, Chancellor’s Board, and Committee.


  • Qing : China.


  • San Mercado (Pure Metropolis) : Tres España’s Brand.
  • School Rules : Fundamental laws between the Academies, decided by the Testament Union.
  • Shinto : Church of the Far East. Worships the Gods of the Far East, uses Divine Musician’s Technique.
  • Shirasago Corporation : Izumo Industries’ Shrine-type brand.
  • Signframe : Ability device for the usage of the basic blessings of every church.
  • Song of Passage : Experimental version of the nursery rhyme which was created in the Far East during the Edo period.
  • Soviet Russia : Uesugi + Russia.
  • Student Council : Organization which carries out internal and external affairs in every Academy.
  • Substitute Offering : In place of using Bless for Ability activation, offering that which makes the God rejoice.


  • Tes. (Testament) : Used as a response or confirmation, with the meaning of “Understood”.
  • Testament : History book which records the history of the Former Earth Age. There are the Seven Compositions and the Apocrypha.
  • Testamenta Arma : Armaments which stream the power which the Testament holds.
  • Testament Description : Because of the function of the Testament, the history of the Former Earth Age is automatically renewed for a hundred years into the future. However, the description of 1648 being the last, the renewal has stopped.
  • Testament Union : The Union of the Testament. Organization which heads History Recreation.
  • Treaty of Westphalia : The peace treaties of the Thirty-Years War.
  • Tres España : Oouchi + Spain. Portugal is also being merged.
  • Tsirch : Church which places the son of God at its head. Worships the Testament.


  • Wisdom Ore, Wisdom Water : Ore or water which contains Fluid. Can be used as Fluid Fuel.

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