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“Musashi Divine Transmission” — News that Citizens are Grateful for.

Regarding Today’s Plans (Communications)

To the citizens of Musashi, are you all working hard to pay taxes today? This is “Musashi”.

Today, Musashi passed from the Tian Shan Corridor to the Sagarmatha Corridor, and will be arriving at the main port of Mikawa.

On the way, we will be passing over some villages in the mountainous area of Mikawa, and as surprising them would be a disgrace to Musashi, the ship will be entering information-shielding stealth flight mode for those periods.

Afterwards, the ship will dock at the Mikawa continental port around noon, so there could possibly be some turbulence. Please refrain from playing games such as “This year’s biggest wave came” on the ropes connecting the ship’s compartments. It is quite troublesome if you fall and the gods of war from the Testament Union will be seriously annoyed.

After this comes the Business Time that the merchants are anticipating, but there is a possibility that Lord Motonobu will come give his “greeting”, so the situation could change at any time.

Everyone, I would be pleased if you behave yourselves.


Visit Musashi’s Famous Shopsu (Guide to Musashi)

Today we will be introducing the café/bakery that is very popular with the students: “Blue Thunder”.

It boasts a large variety of products together with reasonable prices, and is a big help to the poor students who always claim to be one step away from starvation.

However, lately there have been custumers who clasp the hand of the employed automated doll when she is handing back the change, and this is turning into a rather complicated matter.

I heard that the shopkeeper is a former samurai, so there might be the possibility of this ending with her blade, but “Musashi” believes a gentle branding would be suitable.



● Greetings (1)

● Communications (7650)

● Emergencies (573)

● Giving Up Is a Part of Life (13)

● Tonight’s Dinner (2)

● Guide to Musashi (1192)

● Scold Sakai-sama (666)

● Missing Person Reports for Toori-sama (893)

● Undesirable Review Meetings (1582)

Recent Topics

● Regarding Today’s Plans

● Famous Shops Welcome You

● The Fixation with “——Over”

● Once Again Sakai-sama…

● Once Again Toori-sama…

● I’m Not Angry

● Formal Presentation of Each Captain(twelfth time)

● Introduction of Dangerous Spots in Each Region’s Corridors

● I Made Him Eat it

● I Tried to Cook Dinner

● The Great Disaster at the Teachers’ Barbecue Competition


● Musashi Bridge Public Relations Department

● Tamako’s page

● I’m Not Afraid of the Chancellor’s Board

● It’s the Student Counciiil!

● Asama Shrine “Proud of Our Daughter”

● Provisional Council MIKKOKU’s box

● Musashi Chamber of Industry and Commerce “Money! Money! Money!”

● Musashi Engineering Club “Unending Labour”

● IZUMO-Musashi Business Trip Group

● Faculty Team “Sparta-san”

● President Sakai “That’s Enough”

● Christmas Eradication Unit

● Valentine’s Opposition Union

● Summer Vacation Resistance Alliance

Character Introduction
School Rules

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