Chapter 4-1

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Chapter 4 – The Foreign King

Two figures stood in front of the classroom.

A middle-aged man and a boy was stood in the wooden corridor, before a door. A door with a shrine and the third year Plum class sign hanging above it.

The man was wearing white tights, a shirt with bulging shoulders and embroidered with gold, and had a crown on his head. Embroidered onto the armband on his right arm was the emblem of the Testament Union and the words: “Vice-principal and King of Musashi”.

The boy next to him was dragging a travel bag in his left hand. He was clad in a male school uniform.

The boy glanced up at the man’s face before turning his gaze to the shrine above the door that stood in front of him.

“It seems like though you said they’d open it immediately, they’re taking their time, vice-president Yoshinao.”

“Yes, but they are mannerless commoners, lord prince.”

Yoshinao looked at him, the boy with the nametag ‘Azuma’. He spoke.

“I cannot believe this. It is simply unbelievable that the class that you, the prince, can enter, is the same class that you had attended last year. The school president was most unaccommodating.”

“Well, it’s the rules, and I’m not the prince anymore…”

“No, no,” Yoshinao said.

“Though your power was sealed and your political status removed under the Testament Union’s orders, you are without a doubt the emperor’s son. As the celebrity sent from Hexagon Francais, of the Testament Union, to be the king of Musashi, I have been sincerely looking forward to your return.”

“Ah,” Azuma nodded. Beside him, Yoshinao, the self-proclaimed king of Musashi, spoke.

“But really, the people of Musashi are so aloof. I cannot believe that despite your return, there was no-one other than me to welcome you.”

“Ah, no, the Testament said that my return should not cause a commotion. I boarded last night on a special flight, and I’d been going through a medical examination till now…a good thing too, because I like it better when it’s quiet…”

“My prince, how kind of you. To think that you would cover for your people…”

Yoshinao folded his arms and heaved a satisfied sigh.

Originally, he was not one of the people of Musashi. He was one of the peace-keeping organisations of central Europe, the Union of the Testament. He had once been the lord of the Hexagon Francaise’s countryside, but because his abilities were recognised there, he had been sent away. This had happened in a manner similar to having been poached by another organisation.

…Despite this, he came here shouldering a heavy responsible. Currently…

Currently, in the year 1648, the world could not have any multinational organisation. This was because their establishment had not been written in the Testament’s description of history.

However, when the Harmonic Divine States had collapsed, all of the countries needed to maintain some form of connection.

Created for this purpose was the Testament of the Union, which made use of the church council that had been held in Europe since times long past.

Each time the church or ecumenical council opened, as described in the Testament’s description, the representatives of the pro-Testament Testamental churches in each country gather, exchanging opinions and coordinating with each other. They keep in contact during the times in-between, and the branches in each country fulfill their duties. A conditional, pseudo-multinational organisation.

The education committee, which sent teaching staff to different countries, belonged to the Testament Union.

…As a result, they were commonly thought of as the Teachers’ Union.

The teachers on Musashi are sent from the Far East branch, but Yoshinao was sent from the central headquarters of the Testament Union as Musashi’s supervisor. In exchange for the Far East retaining military freedom when the Harmonic Unification War ended 160 years ago, a king for Musashi was sent by the Testament Union to supervise Musashi’s governance and flight.

Because the king of Musashi has the final decision as regards the decisions of the students’ Chancellor’s Board and student council, and because he also decides Musashi’s flight path, Musashi would be unable to get the general framework of its government and flight moving without his approval.

As such, Yoshinao thinks of himself as being the ‘compass needle for keeping the peace’.

“But still, the people in this class are all demons…!”

“Eh? What’s with you all of a sudden, vice-president?”

“Ah, nothing,” Yoshinao swallowed the words that had he had unthinkingly spoken.

…When it comes to these people, I, the king, sent by the Testament Union…

As far as I can remember, they have never paid me any respect. In this class is Musashi’s chancellor, Aoi Toori, but he just calls me ‘king’…

…Only I can refer to myself with the casual title ‘king’…!

I think that the Far East’s branch of the Testament Union is the one at fault here.

As the Testament Union cannot hold a regular conference for all the branches, one of their weaknesses is that it is easy for the branches in each country to become independent. The Far East’s branch is in Izumo. However, the academic division of the Far East’s biggest industry, Izumo Industries, is in control, and Musashi’s teaching staff is sent from Izumo.

…An unacceptable state of affairs is being overlooked…!

This was true even now. Even though Azuma was returning, he could not even enter the classroom. It had been more than five minutes since the teacher, Oriotorai’s voice had called through the door, saying: “Please wait a moment~”

And now, the faint voices coming from within were saying this.

“M-Miss, please don’t use so much strength. Ah…the hole’s widening, I can’t hide it…”

“Ah, Heidi, no, you can’t touch it when it’s going in!”

“But Miss, the support’s…ah, eww, something sticky’s leaking from the tissue…”


Beyond the door, which was slammed open.

In the space opened before him, a naked boy was standing there, his arms raised and a smile on his face.

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