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Chapter 2 – The Wrecking Crew in the Classroom

The sound of splintering accompanied the wooden fragments of the lockers and debris flying through the air.


The boys that had been copying down notes stood up, and the girls rocked backward.

The nude boy who had come flying in rolled three times before he flew into the back row of the rows of desks. However, he only sent a few seats flying, because the students that had been at the point of impact had scrambled out of the way. To describe his movements, he smashed into a desk and was sent into the air, impacting the remainder of the desks with his limp body.

The sound of destruction echoed, and the chairs that had been sent spinning through the air fell to the ground and rolled.

All that was left was the desks and chairs, left fallen and bent.

And silence.

But after a while, the girls brought their hands to their cheeks, looking at the nude boy on the floor who was lying spread-eagle, just like the character ‘大’.

Their first reaction was to pull their bodies back. The next moment, they said this in unison.

“Ahhhhh…!!! Miss! Miss! …It’s a pervert! The pervert Chancellor’s spinning around!!”

Sanyou heard the cries of the students, but because everything had happened so suddenly, her mind was left in a state of incomprehension. She thought this.

…Yes, I can see that too. He was spinning. Vertically too.

“M-Miss! Please do something!!”

Eh?‘ Sanyou thought. There was a nude boy lying face-down in front of her. His butt was in clear view.

…But…what? W-What do you…want me to do about this…?

Sanyou wiped at the sweat that clung to her whole body. Let alone her three years of experience as a teacher, she had no memory of learning about how to deal with a spinning pervert who burst through a wall in the special classes she had taken in order to become qualified as a teacher.

But all around her were eyes swimming in confusion and the expectation that the teacher, being older than them, would take care of this for them.

They were all looking at her.

Being the object of so many gazes, the amount of sweat dripping down Sanyou’s back increased.

…The students! The students are expecting things of me that they’ve never expected before, but like I thought, this is too much…!

Answering my student’s hopes and dealing with a pervert…can these two things be thought of on the same wavelength?

But she was the person responsible for this classroom. Therefore, Sanyou approached the fallen nude, keeping her body low by pulling her hips back. In between the splinters of wood that had scattered everywhere and the fallen chairs and desks, there lay the butt of the fallen nude.

The butt did not move.


She got closer to him in order to check if he was still alive. She lowered her body and took a breath.


“Wooooooooooooah, that was seriously surprising…! Would a normal teacher seriously kick her student!!”

The nude sprung up with the force of a spring-loaded doll and turned to face Sanyou.

His hips were thrust right before Sanyou’s eyes, as she was squatting down.


She screamed in reflex.

“Huh?” The nude said. Putting a hand on his hips, he twisted them to the left and right.

“Hey, isn’t it Sanyou-sensei!? Why’re you screaming like that!? Did something weird happen!? Please tell me! I’ll solve anything for you!!”


The moment she screamed, the nude was impaled from behind by a longsword in its sheathe, and he toppled to the ground.

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