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Chapter 2 – The Wrecking Crew in the Classroom

“Strip! Strip! Strip!”

Sanyou heard these voices from the neighbouring classroom. After a small pause, she also heard cheers of praise.

…Eh? Does that mean someone stripped!? Is that really alright!? Like, isn’t that like child #@*$!?


…O-One more!?


…What!? W-Wait a moment…

Sanyou looked at the male students who were earnestly copying down the notes on the board.

The male uniform of the Far East was constructed in this manner.

…Umm, a jacket, a shirt, pants, and underwear…altogether four pieces. There had been three cheers just now, so…


…Why’s the fourth time a question…!?

The instant after she thought this.

The wall to her left and the locker up against it were broken through in a ‘大’ shape, and a naked boy came tumbling in.

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