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Chapter 2 – The Wrecking Crew in the Classroom

As they listened to Suzu, the class looked at their textbooks.

The Nanboku-chou war. (1)

“The Far East was called the Divine States at the time. There existed two representatives of the emperor within it, and this war was the struggle between them.”

The true emperor of the Divine States controlled the environmental gods using the three types of Divine Tools and by doing so, he managed the earth pulse running through the Divine States.

However, the emperor’s role was unrelated to that of the government. They were both man and god, living gods. And they were isolated from all things of this world.

Therefore, it was the task of the representatives that had been acknowledged by the imperial palace to recreate the role of emperor in the Testament’s description of history.

“However, d-despite reaching a truce with a promise to share power between the north and the south, the northern court b-broke the promise as d-described by the Testament’s description of history, a-and didn’t share power, starting their rule as a d-dictator. And in…1412…? The southern court r-rebelled. However…”

Suzu clearly spoke these next words.

“The Testament’s description showed that in the year 1443, the southern court would assault the imperial balance and pillage the Divine Tools. And until they were taken back in 1457, control over the earth pulse was lost…The Divine States in the other world, the Harmonic Divine States, lost control of the earth pulse, which had been supporting Altered Space, and they fell towards the original Divine States.”

“…What happened after it fell?”

“More than half of it completely collapsed and was obliterated. H-However, the remaining portion overwrote and fused with these Divine States, still retaining the weather and other conditions that it had had when it was still part of the other countries. Because of this, there are many p-points where the land of the Harmonic Divine States exist. T-These are called Harmonic Territories. Those pillars of a different sky that we see a l-lot, the earth beneath the sky included, are Harmonic Territories.”

She continued.

“The people of the other countries, who had been living in the Harmonic Divine States before, s-swarmed into the Divine States all at once. Though they were just escaping danger, they had also pinned the blame for the incident onto the Divine States. Battles occurred everywhere. And e-eventually…the Divine States s-surrendered to the invasion forces of the other countries. This was the “Harmonic Unification War”. Yet…”

Yet, the countries did not completely annex the Divine States.

This was because there had been nothing of the like in the Testament’s descriptions.

As such, the countries invaded all of the Divine States, setting up Academies, which were training areas for military and political matters. These Academies were made the highest institution of the country. All this was done in order to avoid a coup through military or political means.

“A majority of the Divine States is subjected to provisional occupation by the Academies of the other countries and the Union of the Testament, who controlled the Academies. Currently, the Chancellors and Academies of the Far East and the other countries are…”

She had spoken to that point when Oriotorai prompted her.

“Could you tell me them?”

“Ah, yes.”

Counting them off her fingers, Suzu listed them:

Shimazu|Africa Union: Kyushu: A country mainly populated by plants. Full of labour.
Oouchi and Ootomo|Tres Espana: Shimonoseki: A large country in debt. Philip the Second is advancing the exploration of the New Continent.
Mouri|Hexagon Francaise: The Chinese region: The one-two combination of Louis the 14th and Mouri Terumoto.
Hashiba|M.H.R.R.: Kinki: The emperor is under house arrest. A mix of Catholicism and protestantism.
Oda|P.A. ODA: Kinki~Toukai: The Ottomans. Eight years ago, Nobunaga inherited his name and half-ceded from the Testament Union.
Houjou|Alliance of Indian Countries: Toukai~Kanto: The Houjou, an elder race, are a civilisation of automatons. They lie behind the Alliance.
Uesugi|Soviet Russia: Hokuriku: The Sakra, Raitei-san, is perfect at ruling through fear.
Aki|K.P.A. Italia: Setouchi: The union of cities led by the head of the Tsirhc Catholics, the Pope.
Takeda|Shin: Kantou: A large country based around the moving city-state of the elder races.
–|England: Floating Island: Centered around their leader, the fairy queen Elizabeth, it is the country of fairies and magical races.
Matsudaira|The Far East: Toukai, Kantou: The representative of the Far East. They formally allied with P.A. ODA ten years ago.

Suzu took a breath.

“A-Also, because o-of the rules of history recreation, there are still lands that the T-Testament Union cannot occupy, d-due to the fact that they have not been explored yet.”

–|The unexplored territories of Siberia: Touhoku: A nation of other races barely survives in this polar area.
–|The New Continent: Hokkaido: Nearly completely unexplored, but their independence is starting to grow.
–|Unopened Continent: Shikoku: Filled with barren Harmonic Territories. Silicon-based races are the primary residents.

Suzu took another breath. Nodding at her, Oriotorai asked her a question.

“Why is that England doesn’t have a corresponding land of the Far East?”

“Ah, J-Jud., that’s because…In the Harmonic Divine States, England was Tsushima. It was really small, so I t-think they raised the bottom of the sea. So when the Harmonic Divine States collapsed, t-the island moved w-with it and renewed the earth pulse. Because of this, they don’t rule over the Divine States and, u-um, and from a neutral standpoint, they act as a bridge between the countries and the Far East.”

“That’s right, they’re getting the Floating Island and the other countries’ technology from the IZUMO group.”

‘Jud.,’ Suzu nodded, standing there stiffly.

“That’s about right. Much better than if I’d done it. Maybe I’ll ask you next time too~”

Hearing Oriotorai speak, Suzu loosened her body. She sat down, expelling a breath of relief.

But at the same time, Toori stood up and spoke.

“Miss, you’re dirty…!”

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Translator’s Notes:
(1) The war of the northern and southern courts.

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