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Chapter 2 – The Wrecking Crew in the Classroom

…It’s really complicated.

A teacher like me thinks so, so what does the class copying down the notes think?

Last year was a failure. In the second year, we start world history with Rome and the Far East’s history from the Nara period.

I got too excited about Rome and the Heian period and had to rush through the last half of the course.

…I mean, that part of history is pretty interesting.

I went too deep into the circumstances leading to the founding of Rome and Caesar. Caesar was brought into protective custody when he said “And you too, Brutus?” at his assassination, the words that would be engraved into history. The assassination of nobles leads to their protection through ‘retirement’, and I explained that concept very thoroughly.

…Third years have to choose their path of advancement, so it was pretty bad…

This was my third year as a teacher. I had taught the first and second years, so this was my first time teaching the third year.

Will it be alright? The lives of my students really depend on this.


The class was currently copying down the notes on the board, and the air was filled with tension.

Looking at the class from the back of the classroom, she understood the differences between each one.

The ones born in the Far East and Asia had mainly black hair. There were occasionally people who had dyed their hair, but their base colour was black.

However, this group of students did not make up even half the class. The rest of them had either blonde or brown hair, and there were also students with red and white hair.

…There are also a lot of people that don’t have any hair or who, in other words, don’t meet the prerequisites at all.

The majority of half-dragons and devils have scales and shells instead of skin, so they don’t have hair. The majority of slimes and spirits are the same. Conversely, half-beasts have hair all over their bodies, in tortoise-shell patterns or stripes, long and short. The varieties are rich.

When I look at them, a slight anxiety wells up in my heart.

I was once also one of these people, and we looked like this as well.

…But I feel like our teacher had gotten more of their things together.

As she thought this, there was a sound that crept into her hearing. The voices and the sound came from the class in the classroom next door.

…Third-year Plum Class, Makiko-senpai’s class.

Makiko Oriotorai sat next to Sanyou in the faculty’s office. To Sanyou, who had moved to this job two years ago, Oriotorai was an existence with which she had enough of an age gap that she could safely refer to their relationship as one between a senior and a junior. Oriotorai often let her observe classes, and she was irregularly reliable when it came to Sanyou’s weak areas.

The voice she could hear now belonged to Oriotorai.

“Yeah, to summarise, P.A.ODA’s occupying the capital’s surroundings right now.”

No, that’s not really true Oriotorai-senpai. The Akechi family of P.A. ODA has acknowledged their autocracy.

…Is that really fine…

She’s teaching them the Far East’s history, right?

Sanyou hit the nail right on the head. There were not many teachers in Musashi Ariadust Academy. The lessons were all taught by the class teachers.

Oriotorai’s lessons are always noisy, but I’m jealous that she gets along so well with her students.

…I wonder what kind of lesson they’re having right now…

The day before, they had a lesson where the losers had to bungee jump. But what I could hear now was Oriotorai and the girls’ voices.

“Strip! Strip! Strip!!”

…Seriously, what kind of lesson are they having!?

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