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Chapter 2 – The Wrecking Crew in the Classroom

She rapped the blackboard and circled the word ‘Testament’ twice to emphasise it.

“People currently believe that if we follow the same history as humanity in the past, we will be able to reach the heavens again. They created the Seven Compositions with the Testament of the old age, which records history before Christ, and the Testament of the new age, which records the history of ano domini.”

Sanyou continued to write the words: ‘The Walkthrough to History’. As she did so, she spoke.

“However, when the future became clear, there were people who read of coming events in order to gain power. As such, humanity rendered the information of the Testament unreadable, all except the events of the coming century. Yet, they could not leave the renewal of the display of information to people. To solve this, they used the earth pulse, which governs all things, to bind the Testament with fate.”

Sanyou turned to face the class. Their faces, lined up in a row before her, were frowning.

Faced with this, Sanyou bathed in their confused stares.

…This is bad. Looks like fate and things are pretty hard to understand…I guess I shouldn’t mention the Apocrypha?

As her mind started to fall into panic, Sanyou recalled the things she had studied at home last night. She drew a deep breath.

“What do you think fate is? What do you think, Abe-kun?”

She tried asking one of the male students. Having been asked this, he suddenly spoke with a timid voice.


…Is he being sarcastic because a man ran away from me a few days before?

Sanyou felt her heart freeze for an instant. However, laughs spilled out from around the boy. The other students turned to the student who had answered and shouted what had decidedly become his nickname.

“Hey, Marriage Man!”

Seeing the class’s atmosphere become lively, Sanyou smiled wryly.

“Um, the reason he thought that fate is the same thing as marriage is because marriage is…”

‘Inescapable,’ she began to say.

“I-I-Ines…escaping me over and over…Goddamnit, God failed when he made a character like me!”

“S-Sanyou-sensei! Don’t get so agitated by reality!!”

These noisy brats, they think that anyone can get married just because they’re young, but I’m still 24…Yeah, I’m still 24…still. I’m within the accepted range of ‘still’. I’m not even halfway through a life of 50 years.

Sanyou forced down the murmurs of her heart for the moment.

“Anyway, fate is inescapable.”

Everyone nodded, looking at Sanyou with an inexplicably sympathetic gaze, but she chose to ignore it.

“Um,” she started to speak again.

“We learned that fate exists during the divine age. We also know that it is fundamentally changeable. It is explicitly because of Fate’s existence that things begin and end. It is commonly accepted that we can access it through the earth pulse, which governs all things, in the same manner as time and space.”

“The people of the past linked the renewal of the Testament with fate, which will continue to flow as long as the world exists. Matching with the flow of fate, the Testament shows us the history of the coming century.”

While speaking, she started to write on the blackboard.

“As regards to the recreation of history, Testament was given the same status as the principal scripture of the Former Earth Age. However, because gods truly existed in the age when humanity ascended to the humans, all Christian churches lost their status. Therefore in history creation, the Christian churches do not worship God…”

She wrote.

  • They believe in the Testament’s history recreation itself.

“…This is how things have turned out. In religions like Shinto where multiple gods are necessary, they responded to the new knowledge by shifting the gods’ domains from the gods in the ascension age.

Because of the fact that gods exist and the belief in the Testament, religious organisations and groups are known as Testamental churches or Testamental conventions and believers are called musicians…In the Far East, Shinto is more accurately described as the Shinto Testamental church, and shrines are Shinto Testamental conventions. Consequently, people who are able to use its power are Shinto musicians.”

This was not all.

“The majority of Testamental churches outside of the Far East are just the backwards reading of the names of their counterparts of the Former Earth Age. This connotes the fact that they are truly different from their counterparts in the Former Earth Age, but the origin stems from the people who had moved to the Altered Space “The Harmonic World”. They read the name backwards because they took the meaning of its inverse as a blessing, that they would one day be able to leave this different world, like they had in the past.

The Testament-worshipping Tsirch denomination and its variant, the Murasai domination, kept the backwards reading even after leaving the Harmonic Divine States to avoid the confusion that would result from a change. The current principal Testament churches are…”

  • Testament | Tsirhcian Church :
    Sion: Mainly devils. Favours the old age Testament. Nomadic race.
    Catholic : K.P.A Italia, Tres Espana, and Hexagon Francaise. Favours saints.
    Protestant : M.H.R.R. Favours the entire Testament. Subdued but commercially adept.
    Orthodoxia : Soviet Russia. Favours holy paintings. Russian interpretation of Catholicism.
    Anglican Church : British. Divorce is legal (Hooray!) Protestant with Catholic tendencies.
  • Testament Offshoots :
    Murasai : Mainly the Middle-East. Five prayers every day and a month of fasting.
  • Non-Testament Churches :
    Dunhi: India. Creation and destruction. Curry.
    Outa: China. Full of sages. Ramen.
    Shinto: The 800,000 gods of the Far East. Unexpectedly spontaneous.
    Buddhism: The path of samsara, specifically the Far East. Rich with Ability.

“Well, looking at those who live in Musashi, everyone is basically Shinto. If someone isn’t, people mostly don’t care as long as they’re not involved.”

Sanyou continued to speak.

“Humanity started to repeat the history of the Former Earth Age, which had been described in the Testament. Of course, they retired and cared for the broken peoples and leaders who had died, also following up on their behalf. The majority of wars were also agreed upon, and they came with guarantees. So in the beginning, things were compressed in this manner, but recreation formally started at 0 AD.”

Sanyou thought for a moment, looking at the class’s speed in copying down the notes on the blackboard. Looking at one, then two, then three, she passed her gaze across the entire class.

…I’m probably going too fast.

She confirmed that the place she was standing, on top of the teaching platform, was not blocking anyone’s view. After taking a breath, Sanyou stepped away from the platform and walked amongst the class in order to give them some time to copy down the notes.

Sanyou reached the back of the classroom.

…Is the order of the curriculum I’m teaching really alright?

She was slightly perplexed.

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  1. “As regards the recreation of history, Testament was given the same status as the principal scripture of the Former Earth Age. However, because gods truly existed in the age when humanity ascended to the ********humans*********

    I think it is ‘heavens’ here

    • Hey, I’m the editor of Kyousen. In my defense, I was extremely busy, haha.

      Anyway, I agree with you and took your advice into account. I have already sent the edits to KnightFall. Thanks for noticing the mistake.

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