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Chapter 2 – The Wrecking Crew in the Classroom

●Musashi’s Administrative Divisions●

Toori:”Sis! Sis! …U-Um, Mu-Muchachi’s A…Aninstrative…Invasions Heh, that sounds kinda erotic!”

Kimi: “Ufufu~, my idiot brother, your super forced idiocy is simply wonderful. It’s Musashi’s Administrative Divisions.”

Toori: “…C’mon Sis, that was a really quick reply. You’re such bad company…”

Kimi: “And you’re so noisy…Anyway, I’ve explained it below, so take a look.”

■ Divisions of Musashi’s Internal Affairs

  • The Academy (Chancellor’s board, student council, student committee)
    • Authority is split into the executive, judicial and legislative divisions.
  • Provisional Parliament (Parliament of influential alumni)
    • Leaders of the bureaucrats; assists and carries out the Academy’s decisions.
  • Musashi’s King (Yoshinao)
    • Can veto the Academy; manages Musashi.

Kimi: “The Academy is the country’s heart, so the members of the student committee were originally the bureaucrats. But the Far East isn’t unlimited like the other countries. We graduate at 18 years of age, so a bureaucratic organisation that doesn’t have the power to make or pass motions, the provisional parliament, was made. And then…well, Musashi’s King is a division specific to Musashi. The other countries don’t have someone that can veto like Musashi’s King.”

Toori: “Mmm…I wonder what it’d be like if they did have someone.”

Kimi: “In other words, when you pass any strange decisions, Musashi’s King can put a stop to it. The other countries’ kings are fine, so they don’t need someone to veto, but you’re…different.”

Toori: “…Hey, someone, anyone, listen up…This sister of mine is really incredible sometimes.”


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