{Indefinite Hiatus/Inactive Project}

This project is in indefinite hiatus. This means that for unforeseen reasons, the translator leading this project is unable to continue, and we are not recruiting for another translator to continue this project. This status may change in the future, but for now we unfortunately are not planning to continue translating this series in any capacity.

Current Progress: **HIATUS** Volume 1, Chapter 4 to be uploaded, Chapter 5 in progress. (Last Updated 2/15/13)
Current Priority Listing:

  1. Editing previous chapters into readable state.
  2. Editing new chapters into readable state.
  3. Editing chapters from BT into readable state.
  4. (I’m not actually a translator, I just pretend to be. Japanese? What’s that?)

Wingbeats are soft, heartbeats are silent.

Or something or the other. Rainbows and ponies and butterflies and stuff.

Life’s nice and good, but fairly busy. My final exams grow ever closer and I find that my time’s as subject to my control as Japan’s national debt.

I plan to completely finalise volume 1 by the end of this academic year (hooray!), but I’m really good at not fulfilling my plans.

That’s all~



I’m back from the holiday that I never said I was going on.

Well, anyway, as of right now I’m just moving over chapters from BT, but these chapters need heavy editing, (and I’m the one editing them,) so there’s no new chapters being released : (

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish soon, but for now there won’t be any new translations.

Welcome again~

Hey, I’m Knightfall, the new translator for Nanodesu. I used to translate Horizon on Baka-Tsuki, but I left due to personal reasons.

I’ve only put up the prologue for now, because there’re some chapters that I need to retranslate, not to mention editing the prologue, since there’s a dire need for it. I’ll eventually move over everything that’s currently on the Baka-Tsuki page though.

Without much further ado, I’d like to thank Nanodesu for the gracious introduction, and get back to work.

Welcome to Kyousen the Translation!

This is the translation done by Knightfall (aka yoakenohikari) of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, and we at NanoDesu Translations welcome this new member to our group! I hope everyone will enjoy this translation. I for one am looking forward to seeing how it goes!


With that, I’m handing over this site to Knightfall.